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I am a field geologist, clastic sedimentary geologist, and U-Pb geochronologist. My students, collaborators and I study detrital sediments, their sources, and associated rocks to understand the Earth system. We aspire to 

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Observing the Earth

GEOL 201 is a field-based introductory course designed to prepare majors, minors, and adjacent students with a foundation for success in the geosciences.


Field Geology

GEOL 500 is the capstone course for the Geological Sciences major and is taught in the American West each summer. 

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Stratigraphy & Sedimentary Basins

GEOL 325 is a class-, lab-, and field-based course focused on sedimentary rocks, stratigraphic architecture, and their applications to geologic problems of significance.


Regional Tectonics

GEOL 735 is a graduate course for geoscientists of all disciplines who want to gain experience in the use of tools of regional tectonics analysis.

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